Fed up of concealing ugly acne marks? Feel confident again with Our Clinic’s PRP acne scar treatment

Platelet Rich Plasma therapy is now offered in Delhi: A surefire curative technique for skin renewal and acne scars!

PRP acne scar treatment in Delhi that SCULPT Clinic offers is a new generation methodology for the curing acne marks and scars. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy makes use of the body’s blood platelets to heal or treat frequently befalling conditions and damages that disturbs the soft tissues. PRP helps to rejuvenate and invigorate the tissues in addition to encouraging wound healing. It is considered a leading-edge option because it is a natural approach to care. No alien constituents are used.PRP is an effective way to treat acne blemishes and scars because the growth factors present in the blood platelets, employed in the treatment, not only renews tissues, but also aids to produce new capillaries and blood vessels which enhances the vivacity and smoothness of the skin. At the clinic, all procedures are taken care of by Dr. Vivek Kumar.

Is PRP therapy for acne scars safe to undergo?

PRP treatment is considered to be safe and harmless since it is acquired from your own blood. The ingredients that are already present in your blood naturally are being used in PRP treatments. In essence, this amazing therapy uses the body to heal itself. The risks are very trifling and any type of difficulty or adverse reaction will not occur because PRP is manufactured from your own body. Moreover, there is no disease transmission risk. A person can sit back and relax as this process is minimally invasive and can be executed in a short time span.

At the clinic, there is a team of skilled and proficient surgeons, who recognize the prominence of retaining youthful looks and glowing skin. This is why, our team works enthusiastically towards providing the patients with first-rate and most pleasing PRP treatments that can aid you to tackle the distressing acne scars. We are keen to offer clinical forte and the finest quality care.

About Dr. Vivek Kumar

Dr. Vivek Kumar is a board certified Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon providing his keen services as a consultant at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi. Dr. Kumar is the organizing secretary of AESTHETICS; an event prearranged every year in India in which, many famous plastic surgeons and dermatologists of India as well as of other countries gather together on a common forum to talk over latest developments in aesthetic medicine and surgery.

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