A glance at the most popular acne scar removal treatment options !

Summary: If you are fed up of the most evident acne scars on your skin and want to get rid of them, it is important to opt for the most suitable treatment thereafter.

If you have ever suffered from acne glitches or breakouts, you very well know that at times, this awkward situation can leave blemishes. In such a scenario, you will want to catch the superlative acne scar removal treatment that can lend a helping hand to you. Some of the common treatments popular these days are:

acne scar treatment in Delhi

Laser resurfacing:

It can be very common to have some blemishing after breakouts and austere acne concerns. A treatment branded as laser resurfacing is very advantageous in the elimination of acne scarring. It involves using a laser ray to eliminate the epidermis while warming up dermis of the skin. When the lesions start to heal, new scar free skin will then develop. You will need to have some sessions for best outcomes.


Dermabrasion is one more alternative for acne scar removal. It encompasses using a wire brush at a very rapid rate of speed to eradicate the outer layer of the skin. It can truly totally eliminate superficial scars. It will also make the deeper blemishes less evident.


Another way to guarantee that scars are less discernible is by using fillers. You can have fillers such as collagen vaccinated underneath the skin’s surface. This helps lessen the perceptibility of acne scars immensely. The technique of using fillers is only provisional and you will have to begin again to get it done.


Microdermabrasion is a new technique of confiscating blemishes due to acne breakouts. This technique involves blowing crystals on the face and thus confiscating the out-most layer of skin. It doesn’t always entirely take out the blemishing though, and may have to be performed numerous times to thoroughly eliminate the scars.

If you are a candidate for these procedures and looking for a right acne scar treatment in Delhi then choose SCULPT clinic. At SCULPT, all the treatments are done under observation of certified skin specialists/Dermatologists.

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