Get rid of upsetting acne scars by using Needle RF treatment

Summary: If you are having nasty-looking acne scars, you can deal with them diligently and get rid of them by a treatment called Needle RF.

When some individuals get acne, it will entirely wane without leaving any trace or horrid marks. However, for some individuals, acne will leave behind blemishes, obnoxious spots and dark marks on the skin. Many who struggle with acne know that having acne is not the only difficulty; rather, eliminating acne scars can be a real difficulty for many. Once the pimple has vanished away, at times, there will be a scar left. An acne scar generally resembles a pitted skin or a hole. Eliminating acne scars can be mind-numbing, but there are techniques to do it. The paramount way to eliminate acne scars is by not having them in the first place. Prevention is solution when it comes to the wellbeing of your skin. Treating your acne is the first step you can embark on to avert acne blemishing. The lengthier a pimple stays on your face, the greater the chances of it becoming a scar once it is vanished. However, if you are already grieving because of those ugly looking acne scars and wish to shoo them away with the help of some reliable treatments, Needle RF can be your rescuer.

Needle RF
Needle RF (Radio Frequency) is the idyllic and exemplary technology used for skin lifting, skin tightening, acne scar elimination and skin renovation by using micro-needles on the affected skin region. Needle RF is considered to be a negligibly invasive anti-aging treatment. This technique delivers the radio waves via the use of fine needles or micro needles on the treatable portion of dermis. The needle used is fine-tuned by the surgeon contingent on the target region and the depth of the needle that has to be injected underneath the skin surface. In a nutshell, Needle RF is a cutting-edge laser technology that pools the rewards of all other laser methods and facilitates easy and efficient procedure of acne scar removal.

The procedure
The procedure is chiefly accomplished using a machine which comprises of micro needles. In the process, near about 25 micro needles are vaccinated in the affected region and then is treated consequently. The sequence of this treatment depends upon individual to individual. However, a normal cycle is of 3-6weeks, in which treatment is executed for about 3-5 times, contingent on condition of the skin. The treatment is implemented by applying anesthetic cream. This ensures that the patient experienced minor pain and to ease that out, an ointment is prescribed for care. Control of depth is also contingent on the skin. See more info at

Do you want to speedily treat your obnoxious scars and ultimately attain a clear and radiant skin you have always craved for? If yes, then visit SCULPT Aesthetic & Cosmetic Clinic today for availing the best treatment of acne scar removal in Delhi by Needle RF. The clinic is managed by Dr. Vivek Kumar, a renowned surgeon and a writer too.


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