Fed up of seeing your acne-ridden face? Opt for an effective acne treatment!

If you are suffering from severe acne problem, find an effective treatment soon to make your life better.

We all hate having to tolerate the off-putting and challenging presence that acne brings to our skin. This is the chief reason why it is so imperative to go out of your way to search for acne treatment in Delhi that works for your specific case. Acne happens to rank amid the most knotty of all situations you can find yourself in. We all love having picture-perfect skin. It is very humiliating to meet individuals who used to know you as attractive and amiable only for them to look at you with disgust written all over their faces owing to the acne. Trying to find acne treatments that work can often appear like a puzzling task. Because acne can ascend in every race gender or age group, the market for treatments have been swamped with imitators leaving the ones that actually work suppressed underneath marketing and miracle claims. Here, we ransack the imitators to find what really works. It is imperative that when you begin trying to get rid of your acne and find the veracious treatment that you first comprehend what prompts your breakouts. Breakouts are diverse for everybody as skin natures and stressors differ from individual to individual. Review your skin on these factors:

acne scar removal treatment

  • What is your skin kind? Dry, oily or combination
  • Where do breakouts happen most often? Forehead, nose, chin, back, etc.
  • When do they most possibly occur? During hormonal vicissitudes, before a big test or social affair

Finding acne treatments that work is easier when you comprehend where your acne is coming from and when to treat your skin. Take notice of the queries above and make the basic changes. Finding acne treatments that work is all about understanding what causes your acne and responding gradually. Know that acne is after all a swelling of your skin, and when you scrub, pinch and pop, you are not only hurting the mark, but your skin too. Be kind with yourself and the skin as you work towards getting rid of your acne. There are abundant acne and acne scar treatment in Delhi options that work, so continue to explore until you find a solution that proves to be best for you. Two of the options you can explore are:

  • Laser treatment: Also identified as laser resurfacing, this treatment encompasses heating up the dermis of the skin and then confiscating the epidermis (the outside layer of the skin), using a laser beam. Note that contingent on the age of your scar, it can take numerous such laser treatments before you dispose of them wholly.
  • Chemical peels: The chemical peels technique takes a somewhat different methodology for confiscating the skin’s epidermis: it uses a very potent acid for the scar removal. In fact, this acne scar removal treatment is exceedingly suggested by many skin care experts.

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Learn about numerous treatment options that can be used for acne scars

Summary: Now, acne scars can be diligently dealt with by undergoing an effective acne scars treatment under the supervision of an expert.

It is a very true that acne scars can completely destabilize your self-confidence. Therefore, it is vital that you know and comprehend the diverse ways and techniques to heal acne blemishes. Treating acne scars once upon a time was nearly impossible; maximum individuals had to just tolerate the aftermath and impairment done by acne. But now, there many alternative treatments that can make your skin free of acne scars. The objective of every acne treatment, if you choose the best acne treatment clinic in Delhi, is not just to diminish outbursts, but the deterrence of permanent scars too. For grown-ups whose acne has been dormant for years, the scars often persist. Such perpetual facial blemishing, particularly if noticeable and deep over the cheek area can have a major adverse impact on the person’s self-confidence.

Treatment options for acne scars
Various treatments have been used in an endeavor to ease the appearance of acne scars. Microdermabrasion is popular as it is reasonably non-invasive. It is a procedure that is grounded on the use of suction and abrasion against the acne-blemished tissue. Multiple sessions of around 20-25 are required for finest outcomes. The scars depth is condensed and a glow is more observable. Microdermabrasion is beneficial in treating shallow, rolling scars and has little influence on the deeper icepick scars.

Another option that individuals can settle on is subcision that has been engaged to cut the fibers underneath the scar tissue, in an endeavor to release the blemishes from the underlying tissues. This is beneficial for icepick scars. Further filling with provisional or everlasting dermal filler may be needed for a smooth skin surface. However, the superlative treatment so far has been laser resurfacing. This extinguishes the skin surface. When the epithelium grows back, the skin is smooth and unscathed. However, this is a painful procedure with an extended recovery.

Another alternative for treating acne scars that works quite well is Derma rolling. This procedure takes around ten minutes and is preferred amid celebrities. The derma roller essentially makes fine pin pricks into the skin; your body recognizes this as impairment and instantaneously arouses the release of growth factors which sequentially elicits your skin to create collagen and elastin. Regular treatment of your acne scars with derma roller will cause the skin to carry on healing on a cosmetic level leaving you with smooth and clear skin. The outcomes on acne-blemished skin using this procedure are incredible. Depending on the instrument and procedure chosen, downtime can be negligible. The outcomes are progressive. As the skin remains intact, there is no augmented sensitivity to the sun. The micro-channels close within minutes, and the skin continues its normal functioning. This technique is also known as skin-needling and micro-needling.

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Get rid of upsetting acne scars by using Needle RF treatment

Summary: If you are having nasty-looking acne scars, you can deal with them diligently and get rid of them by a treatment called Needle RF.

When some individuals get acne, it will entirely wane without leaving any trace or horrid marks. However, for some individuals, acne will leave behind blemishes, obnoxious spots and dark marks on the skin. Many who struggle with acne know that having acne is not the only difficulty; rather, eliminating acne scars can be a real difficulty for many. Once the pimple has vanished away, at times, there will be a scar left. An acne scar generally resembles a pitted skin or a hole. Eliminating acne scars can be mind-numbing, but there are techniques to do it. The paramount way to eliminate acne scars is by not having them in the first place. Prevention is solution when it comes to the wellbeing of your skin. Treating your acne is the first step you can embark on to avert acne blemishing. The lengthier a pimple stays on your face, the greater the chances of it becoming a scar once it is vanished. However, if you are already grieving because of those ugly looking acne scars and wish to shoo them away with the help of some reliable treatments, Needle RF can be your rescuer.

Needle RF
Needle RF (Radio Frequency) is the idyllic and exemplary technology used for skin lifting, skin tightening, acne scar elimination and skin renovation by using micro-needles on the affected skin region. Needle RF is considered to be a negligibly invasive anti-aging treatment. This technique delivers the radio waves via the use of fine needles or micro needles on the treatable portion of dermis. The needle used is fine-tuned by the surgeon contingent on the target region and the depth of the needle that has to be injected underneath the skin surface. In a nutshell, Needle RF is a cutting-edge laser technology that pools the rewards of all other laser methods and facilitates easy and efficient procedure of acne scar removal.

The procedure
The procedure is chiefly accomplished using a machine which comprises of micro needles. In the process, near about 25 micro needles are vaccinated in the affected region and then is treated consequently. The sequence of this treatment depends upon individual to individual. However, a normal cycle is of 3-6weeks, in which treatment is executed for about 3-5 times, contingent on condition of the skin. The treatment is implemented by applying anesthetic cream. This ensures that the patient experienced minor pain and to ease that out, an ointment is prescribed for care. Control of depth is also contingent on the skin. See more info at http://acnescarclinic.com/acne-scar-treatment/

Do you want to speedily treat your obnoxious scars and ultimately attain a clear and radiant skin you have always craved for? If yes, then visit SCULPT Aesthetic & Cosmetic Clinic today for availing the best treatment of acne scar removal in Delhi by Needle RF. The clinic is managed by Dr. Vivek Kumar, a renowned surgeon and a writer too.

A glance at the most popular acne scar removal treatment options !

Summary: If you are fed up of the most evident acne scars on your skin and want to get rid of them, it is important to opt for the most suitable treatment thereafter.

If you have ever suffered from acne glitches or breakouts, you very well know that at times, this awkward situation can leave blemishes. In such a scenario, you will want to catch the superlative acne scar removal treatment that can lend a helping hand to you. Some of the common treatments popular these days are:

acne scar treatment in Delhi

Laser resurfacing:

It can be very common to have some blemishing after breakouts and austere acne concerns. A treatment branded as laser resurfacing is very advantageous in the elimination of acne scarring. It involves using a laser ray to eliminate the epidermis while warming up dermis of the skin. When the lesions start to heal, new scar free skin will then develop. You will need to have some sessions for best outcomes.


Dermabrasion is one more alternative for acne scar removal. It encompasses using a wire brush at a very rapid rate of speed to eradicate the outer layer of the skin. It can truly totally eliminate superficial scars. It will also make the deeper blemishes less evident.


Another way to guarantee that scars are less discernible is by using fillers. You can have fillers such as collagen vaccinated underneath the skin’s surface. This helps lessen the perceptibility of acne scars immensely. The technique of using fillers is only provisional and you will have to begin again to get it done.


Microdermabrasion is a new technique of confiscating blemishes due to acne breakouts. This technique involves blowing crystals on the face and thus confiscating the out-most layer of skin. It doesn’t always entirely take out the blemishing though, and may have to be performed numerous times to thoroughly eliminate the scars.

If you are a candidate for these procedures and looking for a right acne scar treatment in Delhi then choose SCULPT clinic. At SCULPT, all the treatments are done under observation of certified skin specialists/Dermatologists.

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Fed up of concealing ugly acne marks? Feel confident again with Our Clinic’s PRP acne scar treatment

Platelet Rich Plasma therapy is now offered in Delhi: A surefire curative technique for skin renewal and acne scars!

PRP acne scar treatment in Delhi that SCULPT Clinic offers is a new generation methodology for the curing acne marks and scars. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy makes use of the body’s blood platelets to heal or treat frequently befalling conditions and damages that disturbs the soft tissues. PRP helps to rejuvenate and invigorate the tissues in addition to encouraging wound healing. It is considered a leading-edge option because it is a natural approach to care. No alien constituents are used.PRP is an effective way to treat acne blemishes and scars because the growth factors present in the blood platelets, employed in the treatment, not only renews tissues, but also aids to produce new capillaries and blood vessels which enhances the vivacity and smoothness of the skin. At the clinic, all procedures are taken care of by Dr. Vivek Kumar.

Is PRP therapy for acne scars safe to undergo?

PRP treatment is considered to be safe and harmless since it is acquired from your own blood. The ingredients that are already present in your blood naturally are being used in PRP treatments. In essence, this amazing therapy uses the body to heal itself. The risks are very trifling and any type of difficulty or adverse reaction will not occur because PRP is manufactured from your own body. Moreover, there is no disease transmission risk. A person can sit back and relax as this process is minimally invasive and can be executed in a short time span.

At the clinic, there is a team of skilled and proficient surgeons, who recognize the prominence of retaining youthful looks and glowing skin. This is why, our team works enthusiastically towards providing the patients with first-rate and most pleasing PRP treatments that can aid you to tackle the distressing acne scars. We are keen to offer clinical forte and the finest quality care.

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Dr. Vivek Kumar is a board certified Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon providing his keen services as a consultant at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi. Dr. Kumar is the organizing secretary of AESTHETICS; an event prearranged every year in India in which, many famous plastic surgeons and dermatologists of India as well as of other countries gather together on a common forum to talk over latest developments in aesthetic medicine and surgery.

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